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DCS: World 2.7

Dispatch - Georgian Medevac

Autor - theSithis
Datum - 27.07.2021 13:33:51
A Multiplayer combat version of Dispatch for 2 to 6 players

A Georgian Mi8 flies Medevac under fire protected by two Mi24P gunships.

20 tasks in random order.

Good morning gentlemen,

I know you haven't slept, but quite frankly the casulties don't care and neither do I. We have been hit across the whole front and I don't think we have a single unit in a 50-mile radius which isn't in contact right now. This is the big one. Birddog is coordinating CASEVAC efforts right now.

We have assigned two Gunships C/S Croc to you for Escort.

Warm up your engine and report to Birddog once you are ready (F10). He will assign you a CASEVAC. A marker will also be placed on your map to aid navigation.
Once you approach the location the grunts will pop smoke to aid your landing.
Once you land close to the smoke they will load the casualties. Listen to your crew chief he will advise you once they are done.
Once you made pick up return to this helipad. Medics will be waiting.
Refuel if necessary and contact Birddog (F10) once you are ready for your next assignment. It might be necessary to contact him several times for a response once the mission progresses and they get busier.

We have no wind, but visibility ain't great either.
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