GW Persian Gulf Mission - "Pants Down!" version 1.0

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
GW Persian Gulf Mission - "Pants Down!" version 1.0

GW Persian Gulf Mission - "Pants Down!" version 1.0

Autor - socmstonge
Datum - 03.04.2021 02:39:25
George Washington - Persian Gulf Mission Pack - "Pants Down!"
(ficticious scenario)
By NorthEast Pilot

Version 1.0

*  DCS World OpenBeta 2.56 or higher
*  Supercarrier Module
*  F/A-18C module
*  Persian Gulf Module

The carrier group has made it through the Straits of Hormuz and is on station in the Persian Gulf.
Intel has determined that several MiG-29's are being staged on Qeshm Island's airbase in prep for a massive offensive against Coalition forces.

Proceed immediately to Qeshm Island Airbase.
Catch 'em with their pants down - blow up those MiGs on the ground and keep them from taking off (or ever flying again)!
Iranian forces will be expecting you - anticipate AAA & SAMs.
Beware Iranian fighters scrambled from other locations.

AWACS & Wingman support are crucial resources on this one...

Destroy MiG-29s on the ground before they can take off
Avoid SAM and AAA batteries
Be aware of other enemy MiG's are already airborne from a different airbase

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