DCS: Detent Calculator Spreadsheet & Software v1017 by JC of DI and Bailey

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DCS: Detent Calculator Spreadsheet & Software v1017 by JC of DI and Bailey

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Hochgeladen von - JCofDI
Datum - 23.03.2021 17:45:35
*NEW: AH-64 and Mirage-F1. Updated ReadMe, AJS37, F-16, F/A-18, and JF-17 values. * With this utility you can generate custom User Curves to perfectly align the in-game MIL location of your chosen airframe with a physical throttle detent. No more fidgeting with "close-enough" curves that leave you in low burner, or after-burners that don't engage until far past your detent! Available as a spreadsheet, online Google sheet, and standalone software.

Welcome to the Detent Calculator Spreadsheet & Software utility! DCS does not currently have a native option to adjust in-game throttle curves to account for a physical detent. While there are tutorials that exist to find an approximate curve, I wanted to find a way to create two linear sections that could be adjusted based on the location of a physical throttle detent.

No installation required. You can open the original Spreadsheet with any .xlsx editor of your choice, open the Google Sheets URL and make a copy to customize the values, or you may use the Software created by Bailey to generate your custom numbers. All methods have been tested to ensure they give the same results, so it is purely user preference which you use, though currently the software does not have the latest spreadsheet features for inversion and saturation/deadzone options.  

Thank you to Mouchi56 for being the first user and tester of DCS: Detent Calculation Spreadsheet.  Thank you also to zildac on the ED forums for helping test the inverted,
saturation, and deadzone options over multiple attempts.

Inspired by countless amazing community tools and individuals, and RedKite for the first Afterburner Detent guide that led me to create this. Thank you to everyone in the DCS community who takes their time to help others.

Special credit to Bailey who helped in countless ways, including creating all the code to convert my spreadsheet into the standalone Detent
Calculator Software. If you would like to check out the code, head over to GitHub here: https://github.com/asherao/DCS-Detent-Calculator
Find more of Bailey’s work on the DCS User Files site. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/filter/user-is-baileywa/apply/

If there are any questions, concerns, or feature requests please feel free to reach me on Discord, username JCofDI#7932. (uppercase i)
You can also discuss the app on the DCS Forums here: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/266534-dcs-detent-calculator-by-jc-of-di-and-bailey/

Thank you very much for your time. Enjoy the flights!

– JC


v1.000 - Initial Release with Excel Spreadsheet and Software Calculators.
v1.015 - Created Google Sheets version of calculator for those without spreadsheet software. Added Calculation options: Invert Axis, X Saturation, Deadzone to Excel/Sheets File to accommodate more complete range of throttles.
v1.016 - Updated to add the Mosquito. As in-game detent stop setting is nonfunctional, current match is based purely on visual location.
v1.017 - Updates in this release only apply to the Excel and Google Sheets version. When Software is updated, will update release. Have included the previous version of software in release if desired.
ReadMe updated to reflect new axis tune page in DCS 2.8.
Added: AH-64 Lockout Detent
Added: Mirage F1-CE
Updated: <Aircraft/Old AB Value/New AB Value>
Updated: AJS37 Viggen 18->20
Updated: F-16 Viper 20->24
Updated: F/A-18 Hornet 23->25
Updated: JF-17 Thunder 8->16
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