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Best Alternative Kolor App (BAKA) by Bailey

Best Alternative Kolor App (BAKA) by Bailey

Typ - Tool
Autor - Baileywa
Datum - 20.03.2021 04:02:05
Change the color of Multiplayer chat. The five categories are "Blue Coalition", "Red Coalition", "Spectator/Events", "Self", and "Server Messages". BAKA passes MP Integrity Check.

-Select your "DCS.exe" which is usually located in "DcsInstallLocation/bin"
-Select your chat colors either by hand or via the preset Options
-Click Save. Your multiplayer chat colors will be the colors you picked the next time you start DCS.
-Your colors have also been backed up to the location of the app
-Click the red square at the top to close BAKA

If you modified a preset "Option", those changes will overwrite that "Option" and will be saved. This is useful for making up to three of your own presets.

Thanks to all of those who make mods and dev for DCS.
Thanks to Eagle Dynamics.
Thanks to everyone who has spread the word about my mods and addons for DCS.
Thanks to LazyBoot for the guidance and idea.
Thanks to Thing for testing and the awesome name! :D

-Please join us in the Discord server:

-Please feel free to donate. All donations go back into DCS to create more free mods, just like this one:

-Check out my other Mods, Utilities, and VoiceAttack profiles here:

-If you would like to contribute to the development of BAKA, or check out the code, the Github is located here:

Feel free to contact me on the ED forums (Bailey) or better yet on Discord (Bailey#6230). Remember that comments, questions, critiques, and requests are always welcome! Enjoy!

~Bailey MAR2021

Version Notes:
-Initial Release
-Four presets (Default, Color Blind, Rainbow, Monica Helms)
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