F-15C 104-0 All Hail To The King

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F-15C 104-0 All Hail To The King

F-15C 104-0 All Hail To The King

Typ - Anstrich
Datum - 09.03.2021 21:39:11
Wish this was a high fidelity aircraft it needs to be seeing how it was the King of the skies during its reign ( HINT HINT ED). Here's to to the King All Hail The King!!!!

Found a couple of really cool tribute videos on the web that will get you wanna be fighter jocks pumped before you take control of this beast. Kick the tires and light the fire boys!!!!!



Love to hear the Eagles engines starting up it sounds like it wants to crush something!


F-15C All Hail To The King
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