Aerobatics School Part-1 'Aero Elite'

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DCS: World 2.5
Aerobatics School Part-1 'Aero Elite'

Aerobatics School Part-1 'Aero Elite'

Typ - Kampagne
Autor - stevanj
Datum - 19.02.2021 21:49:41
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Zak Bonyaki is an Airline Pilot, With everything going for him.
The only problem is, He's had a near miss in an Airbus A318.

Campaign Trailer

The Airline have decided to put Zak into some advanced Aerobatics lessons for 'Training purposes'.
Zak Bonyaki is going to..  Aerobatics School..

During Zak's time at School.
He'll have to learn how to fly in formation, and have a good attempt to understand the basics of aircraft handling.
As he gains insite into the world of Aerobatics, doors start opening up for him, and suddenly he's thrust into the world of High Speed Yak Racing!

As Zack passes each test, and pushes the aircraft to its limits, he connects with the Aircraft..
Zak is about to experience Low Altitude Flying at speeds in excess of 80 MPH, and he'll experience G's of upto 4G.
Is this the Change his career needs once and for all?


Install to \Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Missions\Campaigns\en
This mission is all DCS, no mods, no scripts, just DCS and its beauty.
Please only download this, from the DCS website

Me and a mate made this for one of the guys I sometimes fly with, who was having trouble with formation flying.
He still has trouble..
But he had fun trying with this small campaign.

How it could move into Part 2. SPOILERS
This didnt take long, and it was just a bit of fun with the Yak'.

Its the Yak- 52. I cannot imagine its going to get a million downloads, but if it helps a few people learn a few skills, then it has done its job.
As usual we've spent over 2 days bug finding, and playing the mission to see if all the triggers work-
And there is one, which is an utterly ridiculous one- on mission 4.
As you enter the Air Race, If you are flying too fast in the yak (Yes, 'too fast in the Yak') and you enter the race starting gates, It sometimes doesnt register the race start, and you have to fly back around and re-enter the race (Its literally a 5 second pull on the stick and youre good to fly through again).
Because of this, i wasnt able to use a timer (originally a dive into the race was the only way to carry speed into the course and win- now you just have to hit EVERY gate to win).

We're always available on If you have any requests or bugs Just leave a post..

If youd like to have a mission for another module, Just let us know...

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