Iriaf Tanker War using Mbot Dynamic Campaign Engine

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DCS: World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat
Iriaf Tanker War using Mbot Dynamic Campaign Engine

Iriaf Tanker War using Mbot Dynamic Campaign Engine

Typ - Kampagne
Autor - Polia
Datum - 13.02.2021 01:21:19
Historical campaign in the Persian Gulf 1980-1988 with Iriaf Tomcat F-14A.

Download and Install "Mod Mirage F1":
Eric et Patrick




Please past the skins (folder:IRIAF Asia Minor) in the folder "F-14A-135-GR" in Liveries folder. Thanks



"Iriaf tanker war" pack for all download:

1980 September, hello Jalal Zandy, let me introduce myself, Asim Yougsef, representative of the party and the revolution within the 7th TFS of Shiraz. Congratulations, the party has decided to release you from prison. I see that you have been locked up there since July 1980. I will give you a summary of your case before explaining to you the reason for your conditional release. You became a pilot in the Imperial Air Force in 1974, an F-5E pilot, following your request and your ... intimacy with the imperial regime, you were integrated into of the Tomcat program. You spent two years in the USA or you were surely perverted by American imperialism. Then you returned to Iran in 1979 just in time to witness our great revolution. During this one you saw fit to stay at home with your wife and to hide yourself like a rat in Bandar Abbas. Above all, you took part in the abortive coup d'etat of the air force in July 1980 which brought about your imprisonment as well as your wife through your fault. If we didn't need you, we'll both have you left to rot in prison, but we'll take care of your .... education. In the meantime, the war has broken out, our Iraqi enemy is getting stronger day by day and is getting dangerously equipped and is beginning to endanger our economic poods that the Periscan Gulf represents. Our engineers and technicians by the grace of god have worked miracles and we have restored new Tomcat stuck in the hangar since the embargo. But we are short of pilots and the regime has decided to pardon some pilots locked up, but obviously under conditions. The war is your chance. Your wife has also been released but is kept under residence with a visitation ban. Do your duty and you will both be pardoned. If you don't do it for the regime, do it for your homeland, your squadron and your comrades who have been fighting for two years. We have assigned you as RIO one of your old friends who has embraced the cause of the revolt from day one, he will be responsible for ...... watching over you carefully. Break up and do your duty for the homeland and our endangered soil.

Campaign using Mbot Dynamic Campaign Engine modified by Miguel21. Fly the F-14A in an immersive dynamic system which will record your destructions and losses, with a historical frame. Each mission will be different with CAP, INTERCEPTIONS, SWEEP etc... You will have support by allied fighters and bombers.  Please read the PDF file to install and play this campaign Ready for DCS World a version easy to adapt for released DCS World Version OpenBeta (if compatibility exists).
New ScriptMods with many improvements and bug fixes (see PDF)
Read the .txt
You can play this campaign in MP
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