A Thieving Magpie (To Hell and back)

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UH-1H Huey
A Thieving Magpie (To Hell and back)

A Thieving Magpie (To Hell and back)

Autor - YogSothoth
Datum - 09.02.2021 10:36:33
Set off from Israeli FARP near border and head out with two Apache escorts. Snatch high tech weapon crates from hot zone before hostiles do and return to base.
This mission features 2 Huey slots, it's designed for 1 or 2 beginner-average pilots (and crew) with decent cargo hauling skills.

==A Thieving Magpie (To Hell and Back)==

November 24th, 2016 10:04am

Syrian Arab Army and civilian loyalist forces have almost overrun a rebel township near Jasim.  Some of our high tech equipment and weaponry we recently handed them is to be retreived before hostile forces take the town over.

Follow Apache Raider 1's lead to weapon storage site, green smoke will indicate the LZ where  our Mossad agents are waiting with the cargo. Bring back the Stingray crates intact to Camp Kinneret .

We are sending you in a hot spot, be fast, come back safe!


-Follow Apache CAS-Escort to AO.
-LZ will be designated with green smoke.
-Haul ammo crate cargo to base.
-Use comms menu to call back AI escort or backtrack to base (head back west and follow the border wall south all the way to Camp Kinneret.)
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