P-47D - 1st Brazilian Ftr Sq - Jambock A4 - 2nd Lt Torres (update vs 2.2)

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P-47D Thunderbolt

P-47D - 1st Brazilian Ftr Sq - Jambock A4 - 2nd Lt Torres (update vs 2.2)

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Datum - 04.01.2021 16:08:09
P-47D - 1st Brazilian Ftr Sq - Jambock A4 - 2nd Lt Torres
(update vs 2.2 - New Insignias, new details, Reworked Cowling latches, Rudder hinges OD, cosmetics and skin for the Livery Contest)
(update vs 2.1 - Feb,15th New template, New Spinner, New Insgnias, several new details, cosmetics and skin for the Livery Contest)
(update vs 2.0 - New template with wireframe, Chrome spinner, New Jambock Pilot included and skin for the Livery Contest)
(update vs 1.3 - Chrome MG Covers, Jambock Pilot Included and cosmetics)
(update vs 1.2 - Covers all P-47D Models)

A bit of History:
The First Brazilian Fighter Group was created in 1943. The training was performed by the Forward Echelon in Florida, then as a Group in P-40s in Aguadulce, Panama, and Sulfolk, New York, flying P-47s. It had a Squadron size.
During the World War II , the Group was attached to the 350th Fighter Group in Italy as the 4th squadron (1944-1945). It was based initially in Tarquinia and later in Pisa. Due to low on replacements, the pilots extended the Tour of Duty until the war end.
"Jambock" was the callsign used by the Brazilian Fighter Group during the war and still is in used today (flying F-5EM and F-5FM). "Jambock" name has an Indonesian/South African origin (sjanbok or Sambok) and means "animal skin or wood whip". It was a kind of whip.

About this Livery:
The livery is as historical as possible.
2nd Lt Torres flew 93 combat missions during WWII in Italy. Before that he flew coastal patrol in Brazil. On July, 31st, 1943, he sunk the German U-Boat U-199 with a Catalina named "ARARA" just south of Rio de Janeiro Coast. 43 german submariners died, but 12 survived, including the captain. If you are curious, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_submarine_U-199

During WWII, Torres managed to be the pilot that flew the most sorties, a total of 99 offensive and 1 defensive (not included on his grand total).

This airplane was a P-47D-25-RE SN 42-26756. There is a pair of pictures of this airplane as portraited in this livery. Torres used for a while the word "TROZOBA" on its nose, but it was removed later on. "TROZOBA" is a brazilian slang that means something like "Male Organ", but not in an offensive way. The airplane did not have an insignia under her left wing nor on the top of the right one. At the point of the included picture, he had flow 30 missions. And, yes, the "A" letter was misaligned.

He retired right after the war as a Captain. He was a manager in several companies as Texaco, VASP airlines and founded in Brazil "BRINKS", an huge securities carrier and security company. He married, had 5 sons and 9 grandsons. Alberto Martin Torres died on December 2001 and as per his request, his ashes were dropped by plane over Rio de Janeiro Guanabara bay.

The Patch on the nose means:
- Ostrich - Brazilians can take and handle anything;
- Hat - The Brazilian Air Force Pilot;
- Shield - The Thunderbolt toughness and the Pilot protection;
- Blue and the 5 Stars - Brazilian Sky and the "South Cross constellation";
- Pistol - the Jug fire-power;
- Cloud - the airspace, "the pilot's floor";
- Red Background - the blood of the brazilians WIA and KIA;
- "Senta a Púa!" - Group Motto and means "Go for it!" in a "free translation";
Later, after the war, it was added a Flak Cloud to represent the enemy AAA.

How to install:
1st Option:
Extract the 1st Brazilian Ftr Sq-Jambock A4-Torres folder to your C:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods\WWII Units\P-47D-30\Liveries\P-47D-30 folder.
Remember to double check your HD drive letter and DCS destination folder.

2nd Option
Extract the 1st Brazilian Ftr Sq-Jambock A4-Torres folder to your C:\Users\"YourUserNameHere"\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries\P-47D-30 folder
If you don't have that folder, you may create it.
Remember to double check your HD drive letter and Saved Games destination folder.

Any feedback is well accepted.

All the best,


- Senta a Púa - Rui Moreira Lima
- Overnight Tapachula - Alberto Martin Torres
- FAB na Segunda Guerra Mundial - Luciano Monteiro. (Modelling book)
- Heróis do Céu - Legends by Rui Moreira Lima and Meira - Action Editora
- A História do 1 Grupo de Caça 1943-1945 - John W. Buyers
- The 350th Fighter Group - Schiffer
- Luiz Lopes Dornelles - Alessandria 26 Aprile 1945 - Francesco Carrer

Recommended video:
Jambock Documentary (very good English Closed Captions): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DTROkLVpM4
Last Jambock Lost in Italy home movie: https://youtu.be/Ojg-q4fao2I
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