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DCS: World 2.5
UH-1H Huey
UH-1 US Coast Guard Livery

UH-1 US Coast Guard Livery

Typ - Anstrich
Autor - rato65
Datum - 30.12.2020 23:12:11
UPDATE: includes link for UH-60 USCG Mod (AI only)

Fictional Huey US Coast Guard Livery after actual MH-60T Jayhawk painting. Includes link to USCG package with additional module liveries and mods plus a link to UH-60 USCG attachments.

This fictional US Coast Guard Livery for the UH-1H is part of a package containing other USCG liveries for the UH-60, Perry and C-130. See screenshots. The package also contains attachments for the UH-1 (Winch, Radar, FLIR, Pads) and a small USCG Zodiac fast response boat mod.

Current mod version: USCG_package_V0_4
You can download the complete package here:

Check the UH-60 USCG Mod here:

V0_4 - now UH-1H multiplayer capable AB-212ASW.lua included and tested with stable release version
     - exhaust cover texture was missing: fixed
V0_3 - back door opening not possible: fixed
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