Russian★Georgian Conflict SandBox Mission (RED - Caucasus)(1.2)

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DCS: World 2.5
Russian★Georgian Conflict SandBox Mission (RED - Caucasus)(1.2)

Russian★Georgian Conflict SandBox Mission (RED - Caucasus)(1.2)

Autor - danperin
Datum - 19.12.2020 06:37:35
Hello all

This is my first mission attempt. It is a sandbox-style mission where you spawn as a client on a specific RED airfield (Sochi-Adler) and it will pop up a window with various objectives on the Caucasus Map™ marked by their code areas '(FH47)' for example.
And, that's just it. (Please see details).

You select one of the objectives and go for the kill. The idea is for you to have a mission to test new modules destroying various types of targets, like, ships, armor, other planes and etc. There's no SAMs on the map so you can fly anything (the briefing will explain to you why but that's just an excuse for you to play an easy mission just for jun and practice).

There are some Flaming Cliffs 3™ planes parked for you to start playing at will but if you open the editor you can simply add more parked planes on the airfield or change the ones there.

You start the mission like any other, but since the planes are placed as clients you will have that list to select which one to fly. You can play this mission alone as if it was single-player or coop.

Please, if you like my mission concept I'd appreciate you considering making me a donation. With some money, I can buy more modules and especially new maps to create more missions like that.

Thank you in advance! Really hope you guys like it!

Here's the objectives list:

01 - Gudauta airfield (FH27)
02 - Convoy (FH37)
03 - Armor 1 (FH18)
04 - Armor 2  (FH18)
05 - Armor 3 (FH18)
06 - Train Station (FH28)
07 - Armor 4 (FH47)
08 - Convoy (FH56)
09 - Recon Plane (GJ/KP)
10 - Ships (FH66)
11 - MiGs (GH/KN)
12 - Sukhumi airfield (FH74)
13 - L-39ZA GA planes (FH74)
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