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DCS: World 2.5
UH-1H Huey

Abu Dhabi Air Ambulance Part-1

Autor - stevanj
Datum - 09.09.2020 23:45:20
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A day in the life of an Air Ambulance crew in Abu-Dhabi, how hard can it be... Right?

A hot start from Al-Bateen you must fly to the Race track for a medical evacuation.. How your day unfolds all depends on that first mission..
Save the evacuee and you'll go down the hard route with some timed emergency tasks, and incredibly small or unlandable rescues.
Land late on the landing, and the casualty dies meaning youll go down the easy route with more emphasis on search and rescue.. with large landing areas..

The area is filled with traffic and buildings, one wrong move during landing means instant death.. So be the best you can be..

Mission Trailer.. https://youtu.be/rLYRYMbir7I

This is our first go at this, so ive done everything i can to make this as challenging or as easy as gets.
Im still getting to grips with the limitations of the Mission Editor, so if you find a bug, just let me know and we'll put it right..
This mission is all DCS, no mods, no scripts, just DCS and its beauty.
If i get over 5000 downloads, ill make part-2 which ill aim to create a more dynamic gameplay.

Please only download this, from the DCS website

The trailer has a couple of hints towards Part-2 if we get there
Download into your mission folder in your saved games...

NOTE! If you do this and youre looking for a bigger challenge, just set the mission to 10 PM and add dynamic weather..
Let me know what you liked or disliked, so i can make the second part more challenging or easier for you.

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