[MP COOP2+] Medevac Shiraz - Mi-8MTV2

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DCS: World 2.5
[MP COOP2+] Medevac Shiraz - Mi-8MTV2

[MP COOP2+] Medevac Shiraz - Mi-8MTV2

Autor - |DUSTY|
Datum - 30.08.2020 03:40:58
Complete 10 Randomized Medevac missions with the Mi-8 in a counter-insurgency style battlefield!
Ka-50s and SA342 slots for escort if you have friends!

- Co-op or SP.
- SP with one Medevac Mi-8 but will be challenging.
- Randomized threats and missions.

*Thanks to Sithis for supplying the trigger structure!*

Welcome to Shiraz partner, it's Chaos out here.

Coalition forces are fighting fr om street to street to clear the city and are encountering fierce resistance - more than was expected.
Your unit is responsible for all missions with 20nm of Shiraz.

If you're flying with an escort, get them to clear the LZ first! The enemy are equipped with some heavy guns and APCs and have been attempting to lure helicopters into positions where they are vulnerable to AAA and RPG fire.

If you don't have an escort you'll have to get creative. Use any available cover to get into the LZ and pick up the wounded - they can't wait all day. Escort and Attack helo's are stretched thin and aren't always available to assist.

There's been sporadic AAA fire and plenty of small arms dinging our choppers around the city. No intel on any MANPADS yet, but don't be complacent. Keep your head on a swivel!
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