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DCS Module Hider (DMoHi) v3 by Bailey

DCS Module Hider (DMoHi) v3 by Bailey

Typ - Tool
Autor - asherao
Datum - 30.08.2020 00:12:02
Do you ever stare at those grey module boxes at the bottom of the main menu and say, "Wow, I wish there was a way I could not see those grey module boxes at the bottom of the main menu"? If so, then this is the utility for you! With DMoHi you can select which modules you want hide.

Welcome to DCS Module Hider (DMoHi). This program will enable you to select which aircraft you want to display or hide on the main menu of DCS (as well as the rest of DCS). It works for modules you have purchased, modules you have not purchased, and selected mods. This program, creates, and deletes files on your computer. If you are not comfortable with that, do not this utility.

1. Check the modules that you want to use and view in the DCS main menu. (I typically check modules I own).

2. Select your DCS Saved Games Config folder. It is likely located at ‘C:\Users\YOURNAME\SavedGames\DCS.openbeta\Config’.

3. Click the ‘Confirm and Export’ button. The utility will export a new ‘pluginsEnabled.lua’ to the chosen location. The utility will also create a folder and file where you ran the utility. This file contains the location of ‘pluginsEnabled.lua´ so you won’t have to search for it next time you use the utility.

4. If you want to unhide all modules in DCS press the ‘Unhide all modules’ button. Doing this will delete ‘pluginsEnabled.lua’ and sets the visible DCS modules to default.

That’s it! Thank you for using DMoHi! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would just like to say “Thanks”, feel free to contact me via Discord: Bailey#6230.

Please feel free to donate. All donations go to making more free DCS utilities and mods for the community! https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/asherao
If you would like to examine, follow, or add to DMoHi, the git is here: https://github.com/asherao/DCS-Module-Hider-DMoHi
Thank you to the Hoggit community on Discord for the idea and research for this utility.

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