Beaufort Fortress Medevac Under Fire

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UH-1H Huey
Beaufort Fortress Medevac Under Fire

Beaufort Fortress Medevac Under Fire

Autor - tamirlavi
Datum - 29.08.2020 20:51:00
Inspired by real-life event

The iconic Beaufort fortress (700 meters above MSL) was held by PLO forces until the beginning of the first Lebanon war. The fortress captured by Israeli Golani commando unit at the night of June 6 1982.

Two Bell 212 (Anafa) were sent to rescue the injured troops from the fight but only one succeeded to penetrate the heavy clouds and find the fortress.
Under heavy fire and bad weather, the helicopter team manage to pickup seven injured and took them to the hospital.
The pilots rewarded by the IAF commander citation (tzalash) for the operation.

1. Climb to 3000 feet, heading north.
2. Follow your co-pilot instruction and navigate to the fortress.
3. Land at the LZ and pick up the wounded.
4. Fly back and cross the border to Israel.

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