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Golan Commander V0.2 (Modern-Edition)

Autor - Chef98
Datum - 25.08.2020 06:03:54
Golan Commander V0.2 is a scripted single or coop horde mode mission where you also have to make tactical decisions for your ground troops. The fight is hard and it works best in coop with friends! With full custom command system and sounds.

Hallo everybody.

Here is the Golan Commander for the Syria map.

Dynamic COOP/Singleplayer.

In this mission you have to defend the Golan heights against Syria. All kinds of enemy's are waiting for you.
During the battle you gain points you can spend for different units for many different ways to complete this mission.
This mission is though, it works best in coop. Choose the right plan and make the right commanding decisions!

You can change the Aircraft's like you want.


[X] Full working
[X] Custom audio
[X] Command units with the com menu
[X] Great coop experience for small wings
[X] All Aircraft change able in mission editor
[X] 1973 and modern edition include
[ ] Kneeboard

DOWNLOAD: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=284296

-Bug fixed where AI sometimes was not able to win.
-Vote restart Mission function implemented.

Knee board and audio stage 2 will be the next update.

Have fun guy!
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