AV8B Harrier Munitions Training (V 2.0) - Persian Gulf

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DCS: World 2.7
AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL

AV8B Harrier Munitions Training (V 2.0) - Persian Gulf

Hochgeladen von - Malfoy7
Datum - 10.08.2020 14:37:23
This is a Freeplay style Training Mission suitable for pilots of all skill levels in Singleplayer and up to 19 players in Multiplayer
The Mission covers every A/G Weapon the Harrier has in it's arsenal
Use this Mission to practice Weapon Employment and different Functions with no threat from the enemy

Click on my name for Training Missions for other Aircraft

For a more strategic flavour there is also Takeoff/ Hot Start/ Cold start spawns at Airbases and FARP's, each involving a short flight to the practice range

If you like the Mission give it a rating and/or let me know in the comments
If you don't, drop a comment to tell me what needs improving!

Also comment if you would like me to replicate the Mission for any other Aircraft

Version Log:
1.0 - Initial release, everything A/G
1.1 - Added drone A.I aircraft for use of AIM 9 Sidewinder / Added a Tanker for A/A Refuelling / Fixed SAM - will now show up on RWR and can be locked by Anti-radiation Missile
1.2 - Fixed occasional incorrect spawns on the Tarawa
1.3 - Added new GBU-32 and GBU-54
2.0 - Added 2.7 DCS Weather / Fixed irregularities across my other missions / Added Laser Guided Rockets
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