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DCS: World 2.5

Zip's Instant Zoom keybind mod

Typ - Mod
Hochgeladen von - davidp57
Datum - 19.07.2020 06:52:59
Hi guys,

This mod adds instant zoom commands
There are 39 zoom levels to choose from, each one in a maintained (you need to keep pressing the button, it goes back to normal zoom when you release) and not maintained version.
It also includes maintained VR Zoom and VR Spyglass Zoom commands, and a back to normal zoom command.

All the new commands are in the "UI Layer" module, filed under the "" category.
You can assign them to any button or key.

The mod is made for OvGME.

Enjoy !

Since 2.7, this mod is not supported anymore.
I suggest you use the excellent Quaggles Injector (
Attached, you'll find a configuration file to add my zoom commands. Please refer to Quaggles Injector documentation.
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