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DCS: World 2.5

GTFreeFlyer's Normandy PvP

Autor - GTFreeFlyer
Datum - 27.04.2020 15:53:23
A multiplayer Warbirds PvP where the objective is to destroy the other team's city.  There is some strategy involved too.  Check the description.

Normandy and WW2 Assets Pack required.  All Warbirds are available to fly on both teams.

Red and Blue teams have the same planes.  The setup is symmetrical and balanced.

Destroy 300 objects in the other team's city before they do the same to you.  Objects are any map object such as buildings, bridges, etc.  Don't worry, a single bomb can take out many objects, especially if you hit a fence (which is made up of multiple sections) or next to a group of carts/wagons.

Each time you die, switch planes, or disconnect, the other team receives "20% bomber fuel".  If your team collects 100% fuel for your bombers, you will be able to spawn a group of B-17's via the F10 menu to carpet bomb the other team's base.  You may do this up to three times per match.

You and your teammates will have to decide on your strategy:  Go offensive and do the bombing yourselves, or stay defensive and get kills dogfighting and rely on the B-17's?  Perhaps some combination of both?  It's up to you!

Each team's spawn airfield is 4 miles north of their city and protected with AAA and ManPADs.  The cities are heavily protected by AAA.  Destroying air defenses will not count as progress towards the objective.  You may want to leave them alone!  If you find a bandit on your 6, you can flee towards your city for protection.

Shooting down B-17's will prevent the other team from dropping bombs on your city and racking up lots of points.  However, the kills won't count towards filling up your own B-17 fuel tanks.  You'll have to shoot down other human players for that.

Additional notes:
A:  Fog of war is enabled.

B:  A single bomber pass will take out approx. 100 to 120 objects.  Lots of testing was performed to make sure all things were equal, which it is.  Don't worry if you see your bombers hitting empty fields with some of their bombs.  This is intentional to make sure both Red and Blue bombers destroy the same number of objects on each pass.

C:  Blow stuff up, take down your opponents, and protect your bombers!  Your bombers are key to winning quickly and you only get three groups of them.  Start up your engines!  Go!
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