Super Simple Training Mission (A/G and A/A) for F/A-18

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet

Super Simple Training Mission (A/G and A/A) for F/A-18

Autor - BaggyG
Datum - 21.04.2020 01:30
For for people new to the F/A-18 who want to be able to concentrate on flying, targeting and destroying without being shot at.

This mission consists of two flights - one for ground attack and one for air attack.<br />

Take of from an airbase, fly across the Straight of Hormuz, attack your targets and then land on a moving carrier.  All this without the risk of getting shot down.

I created this so I could focus on using the various systems and techniques execute targeted attacks and use the proper flight systems to navigate (and land).

This is the first mission I have created from scratch so feedback is very welcome!

Version 4.1
- Changed the KC-135 to KC-135MPRS so the F/A-18 can actually refuel

Version 4:
- Added a few more static targets in a nice line formation to practice AG strafing etc.
- Added AWACS
- Added KC-130

Version 3:
- Put the ships on weapons hold so they don't shoot down the enemy aircraft (Why should they have all the fun)
- Changed the enemy helicopters from escort to orbit (so they stop shooting at the ships)
- Added two enemy artillery units near the bridge to the south of the village (more things to blow up)
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