[MP COOP-4/SP] KA-50 - Hunting the Medina Division

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DCS: World 2.5

[MP COOP-4/SP] KA-50 - Hunting the Medina Division

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Datum - 27.03.2020 14:34:52
'Hunting the Medina Division' is a co-op (4x Ka-50) mission on the Persian Gulf map.
Loosely based on the 'Battle of Medina Ridge' in the 91 Gulf War, this mission can be played SP.

Engage hostile ground forces in a deep attack/killbox interdiction style mission.

Coalition ground forces are advancing on the city of Jiroft.

BLUE armored units will push north from a staging area, their objective is to reach two overwatch positions just south of Jiroft city by bypassing the small town of Mohammadabad.

Two Combined Arms Battalions composing of M1A1 Abrams and M2 Bradleys will maneuver east and west of Mohammadabad to reach Objective Hasan and Halil.

Elements of a REDFOR armored/mechanised division are defending the objective. Their strength and disposition is unknown. REDFOR is equipped with T72 and T55 main battle tanks along with BMP2 and other IFV/APCs.

Mission Notes:
- This mission should take roughly 1.7 hours to complete.
- Recommended as a coop but can be played as SP.
- This mission uses the 'Autonomous Ground Force Tasking' script by 'gromit190'.
- The ground force battle will be unique and each mission start.
- Hostile air defenses are randomized at each mission launch for additional replayability.
- KNOWN ISSUE: Sometimes ground vehicles will get stuck in buildings, this is a limitation of the DCS engine but shouldn't affect mission outcome.
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