23vEW Multiplayer Coop CSAR / SCUDHUNT (A-10C & F-16C)

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23vEW Multiplayer Coop CSAR / SCUDHUNT (A-10C & F-16C)

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Datum - 24.03.2020 06:32:35
PG Multiplayer Coop Hog and Viper mission (CSAR, HELO ESCORT, CAP, CAS, STRIKE)
4x A-10C Player Slots (4 @ Qeshm Island CSAR)
8x F-16C Player Slots (4 @ Qeshm CAS/ESCORT, 4 @ Khasab CAP)
2x UH-1H Khasab (CSAR)
Scripted JSTARS Support - presents in mission in the form of on screen text updates
Scripted AI Rescue Helos (2x UH60) standby waiting for A-10C pilots to clear them in
Scripted Effects (rocket fuel for ballistic missiles)
Common WP for Hog & Viper (coord)
Scripted Commands for AI - / 'other' menu:
-- calls in Rescue Helos (12 Mins),
-- have downed pilot pop smoke
Scripted Pilot Rescue (If friendly UH60 reaches downed pilot and pilot is alive, pilot boards helo and helo returns to base)
AWACS - 251 MHz
Downed Pilot Beacon - 245 MHz (functional for A-10C ADF)
Enemy Forces:  Infantry, Mortars, Vehicles, AAA, SAMs, Enemy Air (jets and helos), Ballistic Missile sites fueling up (Silkworms filling the role), convoys
Mission Success Criteria - Friendly UH60 returns pilot safely.

23vEW CSAR PG Multiplayer Coop:

23vEW Campaign Mission in Persian Gulf to rescue a downed US Pilot.  Friendly Hog and Viper pilots must locate the downed pilot, secure the area and defend the pilot against enemy forces searching for him, clear the rescue helos in (comm menu), have the pilot pop smoke (comm menu), maintain air superiority and escort the rescue helos back to base.  

Mission has 2 tiers of air threat (detailed in mission briefing - attached in zip file).  Best played with 4 Hog Pilots and 4-8 Viper Pilots.

Player Slots:
4 - A-10Cs - Client ControlDepart Qeshm and 1) located downed pilot 2) call in rescue helos 3) defend downed pilot (details in mission brief), 4) Escorts UH60 rescue helos.  Secondary mission - engage enemy ballistic missile sites (Targets of Opportunity or planned if good flight lead).  1 Ballistic missile site location = known, the other is not (somewhere along flight path)
4 - F-16Cs Depart Qeshm - Client control, configured multi-role (assist A-10s in defending pilot or engaging ballistic missile sites)
4 - F--16Cs Depart Khasab - Client control, armed air to air and 1) provide CAP cover for the rescue mission (air superiority) 2) escort A-10s
2 - UH-1Hs at Khasab - Client control, not required (can be used to support any player aircraft shot down during CSAR mission.

Comms - mission has suggested comms but use what freq's you want.  Only freq's required are 1) 251 MHz AWACS and 2) 245 MHz (Downed pilot beacon)

Mission settings can be altered to accommodate realism setting desired in mission editor.  No support - offered as is.  

Recommended Min Players:  4 Hogs 4 Vipers.  
For Solid Air to Air pilots suggest upping enemy air skill level in mission editor.  


Attack, Rescue, Prevail!

23rd virtual Expeditionary Wing ( https://74vefs.enjin.com/ ).  
We are always looking for A-10C, F-16C, UH-1H, F-15C pilots - if you're interested stop by and check us out.

Shout out to Cainide for our A-10 skins (Nice job!)

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