Mending Fences - Single Player (USSR)

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DCS: World 2.5
MiG-19P Farmer
Mending Fences - Single Player (USSR)

Mending Fences - Single Player (USSR)

Autor - TheHighwayman
Datum - 25.01.2020 06:06
In this fictional mission set in 1981, Soviet pilots face off against Iran over Abu Musa island. Curiously, both sides are equipped with the MiG 19 Farmer.

The "Arab Farmers" skinpack by Ozone1 is strongly recommended for this mission, otherwise you may have trouble telling friend from foe in combat.

Another version of this mission is playable from the Iranian side.

I may make additional versions of this mission, including one for multiplayer, and one with more modern equipment.

Please leave feedback for this mission, as it helps inform future mission design.

Thank you!
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