F-16C Persian Gulf Speed/Obstacle/Training course

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DCS: World 2.5
F-16C Persian Gulf Speed/Obstacle/Training course

F-16C Persian Gulf Speed/Obstacle/Training course

Autor - blkbelt
Datum - 28.12.2019 06:31
This is a course has high speed, low speed, obstacles and will really let you get the feel of your plane. 179 Gates to fly through. Aircraft carriers in the ocean with flying F-18's above the course. 90% of the gates are below 300ft. At the end are 2 sets of steel triangles to fly through. I believe they are cranes used to lift the cargo containers off the ships.

Take off from runway, run the course and land for the final gate. This will not be easy as with any track or course, there are going to be spots that will throw you off until you learn it. I would have to say that this will be hard for some, but it will be easy if you fly it slow. Well, except for flying through the Triangles. All you crazy guys who like to fly full speed in between buildings and such should enjoy this. I put a video up on my channel showing the entire run from my saved track as a preview.

No need to subscribe just watch the preview.


Speed/Obstacle/Training Course.

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