JF-17 Pakistan Airforce Liveries Paket Update

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DCS: World 2.5
JF-17 Pakistan Airforce Liveries Paket Update

JF-17 Pakistan Airforce Liveries Paket Update

Typ - Anstrich
Autor - Urbi
Datum - 16.12.2019 11:49
This package contains all of the PAF squadrons found on the Internet.

32 (Tactical Attack) Wing         2 (MR) sq            MINHASIANS

33 (Tactical) Wing                   14 (AS) sq            TAIL CHOPPERS
                                                16 (MR) sq           BLACK PANTHERS

Combat Commanders              JF-17sq               Fierce DRAGONS
        School (CCS)

36 (Tactical Attack) Wing          26 (MR) sq          BLACK SPIDERS

31 (Air Superiority) Wing           28 (MR) sq          PHOENIX

The following folders are included in the package:
description.lua; Front textures; groups numbers; Liveries; Tail_textures and Tanks. If you only want to use the Liveries, copy the folder Liveries in C: \ Program Files \ Eagle Dynamics \ DCS World OpenBeta \ CoreMods \ aircraft \ ChinaAssetPack \ or correspondingly for the stable in C: \ ProgramFiles \ EagleDynamics \ DCSWorld \ CoreMods \ aircraft \ ChinaAssetPack \. All liveries I have created do not contain any name or country in the "description.lua". The entry is made automatically in the mission editor with the corresponding folder name of the liveries. This enables use in every country. With the package you have the possibility to change the two numbers for the corresponding squadrons before the hyphen of the following 3 numbers. I am not aware of the way the two-digit numbers are set. You create a new folder with the Squadron and the desired two-digit number. For example "PAKAF No.06 Phoenix". Next you copy the entire content from the liveries of the Phoenix Squadron. Here specifically "PAKAF No.12 Phoenix". Then replace the "JF-17_decol.tga" with the "JF-17_decol.tga" from the "groups numbers" folder of the "06" folder. The two-digit number in the tail texture will then be 06. The front texture can also be exchanged in this way. There are 3 options available. first, the original texture (without "JF-17 Thunder"). The second with the lettering "JF-17 Thunder" and the third with the lettering "JF-17 Thunder (open)". The textures always have the same name and only need to be overwritten and are located in the "Front textures" folder. If you want to use the tanks 800 and 1100 with the Panter logo, copy the textures from the Tanks folder into the newly created directory. The entries from the "description.lua" of the same folder must be added to the "description.lua" of the newly created liveries.

Example for setting the three-digit number in the "description.lua". The entry is added at the end of the bracket "}"

custom_args =
   [52] = 0.1, (first number)
   [31] = 0.4, (second number)
   [32] = 0.5, (third number)

0.1 corresponds to 1
0.2 corresponds to 2
0.3 corresponds to 3
0.4 corresponds to 4
0.5 corresponds to 5
0.6 corresponds to 6
0.7 corresponds to 7
0.8 corresponds to 8
0.9 corresponds to 9
0.0 corresponds to 0
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