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DCS: World 2.5
Operation Opera MP Mission

Operation Opera MP Mission

Autor - RocketmanAL
Datum - 26.12.2019 07:54
A custom mission replicating the daring 1981 strike on the Osirak Facility by the Israeli Air Force, dubbed Operation Opera. This mission features realistic aircraft, weapon load-outs, threats, and flight planning to the real mission. Up to 14 players can fly together in both air-to-ground and air-to-air roles. Requires a high level of skill in aircraft handling, navigation, and weapons employment. Bring some friends and see if you can pull off the virtual equivalent of one of the most daring raids in military history.

The year is 1981. Iraq is continuing their construction on a facility for processing of nuclear facility. An Iranian airstrike on the facility months earlier has failed to deter the construction of the Iraqi reactor, with French assistance. We can not allow this facility to be completed. Though Iraq claims that the reactor is purely for civilian purposes, Mossad has confirmed that the Iraqi's are prepared to produce nuclear weapons from the material processed in the reactor. Despite our best efforts to sabotage the reactor, it is only a matter of time before it is complete.

We must strike the facility now in order to minimize causalities among the French technicians and Iraq civilians in Baghdad. Today the technicians should be away from the facility. In addition, the facility is heavily guarded by five SA-6 batteries and numerous AAA positions. We must pass through three separate hostile countries to reach our target and return. We will have no tanker support, and the only CAP we will have is what we bring with us. Some say it's impossible. We shall see.

Modules included:
F-15- CAP
F-16- Ground Attack

Destruction of the Iraqi Osirak nuclear reactor near Baghdad.

17:30 06/07/1981

Operation Opera is our mission to destroy the Iraqi nuclear reactor at Osirak. This mission will require low-level flying in order to avoid enemy air defences until we reach the target. Route time is in excess of one hour to the target. We will need to travel around major military airfields to avoid detection. Even so, we will likely face opposition during the return trip. Be prepared for heavy enemy defenses and reactionary fighters.

Weapons on target will be Mk-84 bombs on the reactor dome. Mossad has calculated that a minimum of eight bombs on target are required to destroy the reactor for good. We must fly as low as possible to the target before popping up to perform dive bomb attacks on the reactor. The ground attack aircraft will be led in by CAP aircraft, who will deal with any enemy fighters who scramble to intercept us. Since there is still a war going on between Iraq and Iran, there is also the possibility of running into combat patrols.

We must elimate this facility to prevent our enemies from acquiring nuclear weapons which they will surely use to wipe our nation and people from the earth. We must not fail in our effort.

AWACS: Darkstar, BULL 275 for 95

5 minutes on target

Tonopah Airport 165

Osirak nuclear reactor

Osirak nuclear reactor

Torch 4 x F-15C CAP
Razor 2 x F-15C CAP
Scapel 4 x F-16 Ground Attack
Cluster 4 x F-16 Ground Attack

1. Take-off 17:30
4. Fence-In
5. Ground attack turn point
6. Target
7. Fence-Out
10. Landing 19:50

Torch- F-15C
4 x AIM-7
4 x AIM-9M
3 x Fuel Tanks
100% Gun

Razor- F-15C
4 x AIM-7
4 x AIM-9M
3 x Fuel Tanks
100% Gun

Scapel- F-16
2 x Mk-84
2 x AIM-9L
3 x Fuel Tanks
100% gun

Cluster- F-16
2 x Mk-84
2 x AIM-9L
3 x Fuel Tanks
100% gun

- Depart from home base and make your way south to the turn point before turning east.
- Maintain 100 ft AGL and 400 kts while in route to the fence-in point.
- CAP flights climb and hold at the fence-in point to provide cover against any enemy aircraft.
- Ground attack flights climb to 10k ft at WP 5.
- Ground attack flights bomb only the reactor dome.
- All flights exfil at 30000 ft at 300 kts.

SA-6 x 5
Numerous AAA

You are cleared to engage the reactor dome of the facility
Do not engage other targets unless they pose a direct threat to the mission

Tonopah Test Range Airfield

Each of you has been briefed on recovery points within Iraq and given Iraqi money for bribes in case you are shot down. Recovery forces are on stand-by. Target requires at least 8 bombs on target in order to confirm destruction.

NOTE: There is no confirmation message of mission completion or anything, as I couldn't figure out a good way to script it within ME. A game master can determine mission success.
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