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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
Milk Run v1.1

Milk Run v1.1

Autor - Saul Goode
Datum - 24.12.2019 01:48
*version 1.1 enables the F-16CM (F-16CM should be flyable now)!

This is a remake of the original Falcon flight sim mission by Spectrum HoloByte.

The missions use the Nevada map to try and match the landscape and map orientation/distances of the original game as much as possible. The missions are relatively short but fun. Due to the time period in the 80's, there is a lot of action due to within visual range dog-fighting and visual air to ground attacks.

The missions have been made with the F/A-18C or you can also select the F-16CM.

This was the first mission of the Falcon game. It's basically an Air to ground training mission set in the 80's with MK84, Maverick and gun.

Destroy the 3 practice buildings at W1 just to the East of the base.

Loadout: MK84, Maverick and gun.  (note: Due F-16 beta, Mavericks replaced with rockets).
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