F-16C Centerline Droptank and Pods v2.1

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F-16C Centerline Droptank and Pods v2.1

F-16C Centerline Droptank and Pods v2.1

Typ - Mod
Autor - Nightstorm
Datum - 12.11.2019 08:30
Enables the use of a fully functional centerline droptank.  Also allows for mounting the AAQ-28 TGP on the center pylon.  Two ECM pods can be mounted as well but are not functional at this time.

Intended for use on the DCS F-16C Block 50 module.

F-16C Droptank temporary mod.  Until the centerline tank is released for the F-16C this mod will enable a centerline droptank for use on the F-16C.  The tank shows up as a 300 Gallon tank and can be jettisoned.

The tank model used is from the VSN_F16 mod and the textures are included.  Additional textures and a template file in PDN format are included in a folder called "_Extra F16C Centerline Tank textures"that will be installed into your F-16C textures folder.

The F-16C.lua file is modified to enable the tank.  Other modifications allow for the use of the Lighting TGP on the center station if desired.  This is nice if you want the TGP but don't want to deal with an asymetrical load out

The ALQ-131 and ALQ-184 ECM pods are also enabled.  They can be mounted and show up in SMS however ECM isn't functional at this time.

I've also editing the length and diameter of the afterburner flame to be more accurate.

Modified lines the F-16C.lua are tagged with --NIGHTSTORM with descriptions and or original values for ease of editing.

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