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DCS: World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat
Tomcat Dispatch

Tomcat Dispatch

Autor - theSithis
Datum - 10.11.2019 23:23:57
Mission for up to 4 F-14B
AWACS with 11 randomized taskings and 3 JTACS with 11 randomized taskings each for 44 randomized taskings total.

Own Forces:
S3B Tanker C/S Texaco
E2D AWACS C/S Overlord
2 F14B C/S Nickel 1 (cold start)
2 F14B C/S Nickel 2 (hot start)
JTAC Axeman (Mechanized Platoon) in Batumi
JTAC Hammer (Mechanized Division) in Poti
JTAC Reaper (Recon Patrol) 15nm NW of Kobuleti

Enemy Forces:
Insurgent forces in unknown strength in Batumi
Mechanized Division holding North Poti
Insurgent forces regrouping in the heartland in unknown strength
BUK in the north and east of the country.
Grumble in Tbilisi
Mig-23 and Su-25 stationed in Tbilisi. Possible support by aircraft loaned from Russia and Iran

Contact JTACS or AWACS (F10) for either ground or air tasking

Contact JTAC Axeman, Hammer or Reaper (F10) for an AO update on their AO and contact them again for taskings.

Contact AWACS Magic for CAP tasking (F10)

Emergency Channel 243.000Mhz aft CH1
Nickel 1 249.750Mhz forward CH1
Nickel 1 249.250Mhz forward CH1

Stennis TCN 53X  Link 301,3
AWACS Link4a 304,4
Tanker TCN 54Y

Bullseye NINA N42°06´ E042°17´
IP BEACH N41°38,7´ E041°38,6´ (WP1)
IP COACH N42°9,2´ E041°40,8´ (WP2)
IP BADGER N42°01,2´ E042°10,2´ (WP3)
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