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AJS-37 Viggen

Viggen Road Base Operation V144 (Sandbox for 1-2 Players)

Hochgeladen von - Michael Withstand 777
Datum - 06.11.2019 08:32:10
Update: No civilian traffic
Operate from a Road Base in the Viggen
For one to two players. Dynamic and randomized response is designed into this multi-sortie mission/operation. The enemy reacts according to your course of action creating a dynamic battlefield.
Available in Clear Weather (Summer Heat), Adverse Weather (Summer Rain), and Night Summer Time (8 PM Summer Heat making for a time-limited game--about 90 minutes). The Night Summer Time Version is best for practicing landing on the Road Base as the Road for landing is clearly outlined by the setting sun. Land on the Kobuleti Airbase when you're done.
How would you react if you were the Russians?! Use prudence and discretion. You need to create your own waypoints through the F10 map. Don't forget to delete the waypoints and clear your Data Cartidge prior to making and inserting new waypoints. Choose Data Cartidge for the F10 map. If you fly with a team mate, your wingman will share yours

November 12th, 2019
Enforced no civilian traffic so you don't have to toggle that all the time.
November 10th, 2019
V144 (Version 1.44): V144 Fixed artillery positioning and carrier air wing tactics. These are IMPORTANT FIXES.
V142 (Version 1.42): V142 Fixed some messages that would not trigger due to incorrect referencing. Added one message that will play when a condition is met. This is generally just bug fixing.

November 9th, 2019
V141 (Version 1.41): V141 Fixed a minor error with V14. A minor but important randomization added.
V14   (Version 1.40): V140 Created more randomization of units creating a much more varied circumstantial 'what if' and toned down some hostile unit difficulty. Made to keep the mission interesting even with very frequent playing.
V129 (Version 1.29): V129 Fixed randomization. I forgot 'initialization'happened after mission start. I deleted that trigger for it was uneeded actually.
V128 (Version 1.28): V128 fixed a flight of MiG-21s to LATE ACTIVATION as it should have been. Fixed randomization of Su-27. Unless there is more bug then that's it. I put in a lot of hours into this. I hope you like it. It's perfect to fly it on the weekend.
V127 (Version 1.27): V127 fixed triggers in V126 that didn't work. Now multiple randomized enemy reaction in V126 works. Streamlined triggers as well.
V126 (Version 1.26): V126 enhances replayability by keeping players guessing as to what reaction their actions bring to keep players on their toes even after many playthroughs.

November 8th, 2019
V125 (Version 1.25): Added dynamic and randomized air-to-air encounters as icing on the cake.
V124 (Version 1.24): V124 closed flags when not used and spread out hostile unit spawning so you can have active AI action or initiative for some hours.
V123 (Version 1.23):  Corrected Mi-8 and L-39 respawn behavior. This is quite an improvement allowing you more chance of easy air-to-air encounter.
V122 (Version 1.22): Fixed carrier air wing behavior. This is quite an improvement.
V121 (Version 1.21): Small/minor improvement (additions) to dynamic radio messages enhancing immersion and enjoyability. Reduced the range at which the Kobuleti Airbase radios you.

November 7th, 2019
V12 (Version 1.2) is up. Fixed a lot of nonworking triggers and replaced them. Improved gameplay and interactivity. This is a substantial upgrade over V1 (Version 1.0). I suggest you download V12. Added Night version (Caucus summer 20 PM time). It starts near dusk but still quite bright (at the start). The Night Version is a time-limited version (90 minutes of game time, roughly speaking). It's easier to land as the setting sun outlines the road for landing. Land on the Kobuleti airbase when you're done.

For one to two players. You may need to practice to be proficient in landing the Viggen on a narrow road. Conduct multiple various sorties in the Viggen solo or with a friend. Available in two weather conditions Summer (heat) and Summer (Rain). The enemy will react to what's going on on the battlefield. You have the opportunities to: 1. Sink the enemy CVG 2. Sink an enemy two-ship surface group 3. Shoot some tanks with the RB-75 4. Destroy defended Russian aircraft parked in a row at Sochi 5. Shoot some ground attack planes and helicopters 6. Defend yourself from the CV air wing that will react to what you do on the battlefield as well as aircraft taking off from Sochi on sorties 7. All hostile aircraft start from a base on land or carrier and will land back when able 8. Do rocket or bomb attacks on the enemy's staging force and or their helicopters parked on heliports as well as at the front in Gudauta.
The enemy reacts according to your course action on and over the battlefield creating a dynamic battlefield.
IF YOU PLAY LIKE A COWBOY YOU CAN STIR A HORNET'S NEST HERE but nothing is impossible. Use your discretion. Apply common sense and sound tactic/judgment. How would you react if you were the Russians?!

I think you could also do ELINT missions with the jammer to try to triangulate the locations of S-300 long-range SAMs and do SEAD missions afterward but it's not recommended since they may be far. I've never tried it, myself.

Sample footage (From Version 125):
Sample footage (From Version 12)
Sample footages (From Testing and Early Version 1):
Testing footage:

If there's no bug then this is it. I hope you will like it. Thank you, for those who gave this mission STARS! The Viggen is AMAZING!
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