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DCS: World 2.5
A-10C Warthog
A-10 Killbox in NTTR

A-10 Killbox in NTTR

Autor - hhung@mail.com
Datum - 25.03.2020 02:30
A killbox mission in the style of the Gulf War and 2003 invasion of Iraq, for A-10C. Can be easily modified for co-op. I tried to simulate departure and re-entry route from Nellis.

Updated 10 Dec 2019: Adjusted friendly flights waypoints and engagement restrictions to reduce chance of them poaching your targets.

Updated 12 Dec 2019: Added some immersion elements and more targets.

Updated 25 Mar 2020: Many changes, new targets, working triggers. It's better now!

You are part of an 8 ship wave to patrol a simulated Kill Box covering the boundary defined by 62B, 62A, 64A, 64B, 65B amd 65C. This is an area roughly 30 nm East to West and 15 nm North to South.

Your flight of two, c/s Uzi (MHz 251), is tasked with quadrant 62A (12x10 nm)

64A/65B is assigned to Hog (256 MHz).
64B/65C is assigned to Enfield (261 MHz).
62B is assigned to Boar (266 MHz).

Transition altitude  through the quadrants is FL160. You may freely engage targets in your assigned quadrant  at all altitudes below transition.

Do not exceed FL180. Coalition CAP is authorised to engage all movers above that altitude without challenge.
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