F-14 Polish Air Force livery (Fictional)

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DCS: World 2.5
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F-14 Polish Air Force livery (Fictional)

Typ - Anstrich
Hochgeladen von - A_Kestrel
Datum - 02.08.2019 00:31:47
This is a fictional Polish air force livery for the F-14, based on a Polish F-16 by Kestrel.

Just unzip it into DCS World OpenBeta(or release)\CoreMods\aircraft\F14\Liveries in your main DCS directory.
Size unzipped: 145MB

UPDATE: Rotated the Polish Air Force emblems on the vertical stabs to be actually level and added detail to bleed air fixed doors plus some minor details
UPDATE 2: Finally added LoD files, after realizing i didn't add them a month after releasing
Sorry it took so long
UPDATE 3: Fixed the wing swap on zoom out (broken LoD file) and removed the F-16 mention in the description.lua

This is my 1st skin so any and all feedback is very welcome!

PS. I m sorry for the pixelation of the screenshots. I can't really afford a better GPU at the moment...
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