Operation Sea Scorpion "U-Boats" (F/A-18 PG)

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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
Operation Sea Scorpion "U-Boats" (F/A-18 PG)

Operation Sea Scorpion "U-Boats" (F/A-18 PG)

Datum - 14.04.2019 18:56:33
In this mission you strike Iranian cargo ships attempting to supply enemy forces. Complete with T2S voice overs, CASE III recovery, and decent challenge.

This morning's task is made up of four different elements.

Pontiac 1- AV-8B launched from Tarawa. SEAD in the area of Khasab.

Pontiac 2- Av-8B launched from Tarawa. Runway Strike on Khasab sirport to restrict enemy.

Dodge 1- F/A-18C launched from Stennis. Logi Ship strike.

Colt 1- F/A-18C launched from Stennis. CAP in Khasab AO.

All elements are to launch around the same time and complete their tasks independantly.

Dodge 1 Detailed Task-

0.-Takeoff from Stennis. CASE III in effect, however, comms out for takeoff.

1. Fence- Fence in at this point.

NOTE- If you instuct your wingman to "Engage and rejoin" he will also attack cargo shipi targets.

2. IP Alpha- This is your run-in point for your first group of targets. These targets is a group of logi cargo ships resupplying enemy positions. Destroy the cargo ships. Ships are moving from Iran and towards Khasab. By time your flight gets there, they should be quite close to Oman territory.

After destruction, move on to 3. IP Bravo.

3. IP Bravo- Run-in point for your second group of targets in the port. Target only cargo ships in the Khasab port. Report once you've destroyed all cargo ships docked in port.

4. Egress- Your egress point. Contact mother here.

Bingo Fuel- 4,000 lbs
Joker- 6,000 lbs

Tanker will be avaible for emergencies.

Your Flight-305.0 AM
Stennis (Mother)-127.5 AM
Strike Freq- 251.0 AM (Overlord)
Tanker (Shell)- 265.0 AM
Guard (Includes CASE III info)- 243.0 AM

NAV Signal-
Tanker- 64X
Stennis- 9X
Stennis ICLS- CHL 1
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