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DCS: World 2.5
Sea Eagle M04 - BOLO

Sea Eagle M04 - BOLO

Autor - TheHighwayman
Datum - 27.01.2019 06:05:22
In this fourth mission of the Sea Eagle Series, the instructors will turn the tables on their students who are expecting to engage a flight of bombers. The instructors are ready to teach another hard lesson, but this time, the students have a couple surprises of their own.

The A-4 Skyhawk (mod) and Nevada map are required for this mission.

In "BOLO," the instructors have set a trap for their students who are expecting an easy mission against a flight of bombers. But the instructors and students both have surprises for one another.

The Sea Eagle missions are inspired by Top Gun and feature instructors flying A-4 Skyhawks against students in F-4 Phantoms.

Be sure to check out the previous missions in this series. If you have questions, feedback, or wish to collaborate, look me up on the forums! "TheHighwayman."

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