Static MHU-191 Ammo Trailer v 0.2

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DCS: World 2.5

Static MHU-191 Ammo Trailer v 0.2

Typ - Mod
Autor - Easypeac3
Datum - 19.11.2018 20:17:53
It's a pretty simple model, but adds some immersion to carrier missions.

This is my very first 3d model ever. So everything is pretty basic. To some models i added bombs. The models are those of DCS, but i could not fit their textures very well. So i made some myself. Actually i made it for myself, but ended up quiet happy with it. So i hope some of you like that first try too.
I'll redo the model in the future and try to make it a lot more accurate.

How to install:
    1.     Just copy the folder from the zip into your "...YOUR_NAME\Saved Games\DCS\..." folder.
    2.     And just overwrite the old files, in case you already have it.
    3.     You will find the different trailers in your missioneditor under Static -> USA -> Planes.

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