Mission Ball Breaker (Multi-Role)

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DCS: World 2.5
P-51D Mustang
Mission Ball Breaker (Multi-Role)

Mission Ball Breaker (Multi-Role)

Autor - ChuckIV
Datum - 07.11.2018 01:01
In 1943, ball bearing factories in Germany were a serious target.  One year later, in early 1944, rumor had spread from the French Resistance that a new ball bearing factory in Normandy has been built and is in full operation.  Located just southeast of Caen, next to Le Dives River, is the town of La Butte, the location of this new factory.  The Allies are planning a daylight attack of this factory in the knowledge that the Luftwaffe has sent the majority of it's force to the Eastern Front.  It is believed that there will be little if any resistance to this attack. (fictional account:)

Multi-Role Mission:  Fly in any of the following aircraft: P-51D, Spitfire (standard or clipped-wing), Bf109, or Fw190
0-8 Axis fighter group spawns are randomized up to 4 FW190 groups and up to 4 BF109 groups
2 full-time FW190 Axis patrol groups (vapor trails will GREATLY extend their discovery range)

As either Fw190 pilot, Hptm Helmut Wick of the JG54th, or  Bf109 pilot, Maj. Werner Molders of the JG27th, your task is to provide additional CAP assistance in the channel.  You may intercept and engage any enemy on their route to their targets.  There are rumors that the local French sympathizers overheard the Resistance discussing an attack on the new ball bearing factory at La Butte sometime this morning.  If this, in fact is their target, take out as many of the enemy fighters and bombers as possible.

As either Spitfire pilot, Flg. Off. Brian Carbury of the 65th, or  Flt. Off. George Frederick Beurling of the RCAF 443rd, or P-51D pilot, Lt. Max Hamilton with the 363rd, your task is to fly SSE across the English Channel on a heading of 165 degrees SSE to the La Butte ball bearing factory and take out the air defenses before the bombers drop their bombs at precisely 05:45.  Destruction of the factories and tanks themselves is secondary.  One final note... Stay below the vapor trail altitude (23,500 feet) to avoid early detection by any German fighters.  
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