Kingdom of Erusea Air Forces Skin Pack Version 4 **Final Update

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Kingdom of Erusea Air Forces Skin Pack Version 4 **Final Update

Kingdom of Erusea Air Forces Skin Pack Version 4 **Final Update

Typ - Anstrich
Autor - CaptainEstyis
Datum - 17.07.2018 04:20:00
Is your AC7 inspired coop mission or campaign feeling UN-IMMERSIVE with scores of Russian/US marked aircraft attacking you and your fellow members of the LRSSG? Maybe not, but this skin pack is will allow you to reach AC7 immersion levels never thought possible. This pack contains fictional AC7 Erusea skins for flyable aircraft, including the AV8B, MiG-21, Su-27, J-11A, Su-33, MiG-29A/S, and F/A-18C Hornet, as well as non flyable aircraft such as redfor/blufor tankers (IL-78, KC-135, KC-135MPRS), red and blue AWACS (E-2D Hawkeye, E-3A, A-50) and various other attack and transport aircraft. Also includes a special skin recreating Rosa Cossette D'Elise's transport aircraft for the IL-76MD.

Upon creation of handful of AC style missions, I found them lacking without proper Erusean markings. What started as a small project to create one or two liveries eventually expanded into almost any aircraft I could find. After creating countless different skins I wanted to share them so others may also enjoy immersive AC7 missions. To get the full AC7 immersion also check out my Osean Defense Forces skin pack. This will most likely be the final update for this pack, apart from requests or fixes. If you have downloaded this pack before, I recommend you replace the old files with the new ones, as many of them have been updated. All skins are available to any country.

Includes skins for:

Flyable aircraft:
J-11A (Su-35S Special skin from AC7)
F/A18C (Royal Griffins fictional skin, 2 versions)
Su-27 (3 skins)
Su-33 (3 skins)
MiG-29S (2 Skins)

Non-Flyable aircraft:

KC-135 Tanker
KC-135MPRS Tanker
IL-78M tanker

IL-76MD transport (Standard and Special "Rosa" Scheme)

Tu-22M3 Skin "Pointy Nosed Bastards of Farbanti", with both a numerated unique skin and a standard skin. (Created mostly for the lols)

Basic Geofon stennis skin. Unfortunately with the limitations of the ship livery system, only the flag is changed.

<Burn Osea to the ground>

Thank you for downloading and enjoy.
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