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AV-8B Night Attack V/STOL
Operation Caucasus Rampart

Operation Caucasus Rampart

Autor - Highwayman-Ed
Datum - 08.12.2017 05:10
Mission 1 of what I'm planning to turn into a campaign once 2.5 drops. You'll need to enjoy realistic sortie times, be proficient at fuel management, operation of the TGP, and possibly aerial refueling if your fuel management isn't too hot :)

There are a couple of issues with the execution of certain things due to the Harriers early access state such as the AI missing the Tarawa when they land, but the mission fundamentally works.

I’ve also build quite a bit of randomisation into the mission, so you should be able to fly the same sortie over and over with different outcomes.

April 3rd 1994

A military coup in Abkhazia has led to violence toward non native Abkhazians in the terriroty drawing condemnation from the UN.

Russia has failed to take any action citing a lack of available resources in the area, but is more likely wanting to welcome the Abkasian's back into the fold following Gerogian independance and their desire to join NATO.

Several 'accidents' have befallen the Georgian Military in the week since the coup, with an explosion at the munitions depot outside Kobuleti air base and a cargo vessel 'slipped its moorings' at the Poti Naval yard causing significant damage to 2 Grisha class corvettes.

The US Marine 2nd Expeditionary Brigade has been conducting amphibious landing exercises with the Turkish navy in the Black Sea and have been re-tasked to enforce a military exclusion zone along the border with Georgia in an attempt to prevent further hostilities.

Your task is to relieve Ford flight and patrol the border zone between waypoints 1 and 2. Your time on station is 16:30 local and you are to remain over the area until relieved or 18:00.

The Air Force are providing Command and Control and top cover with an E-3, callsign 'Overload' and F-15's, callsign 'Enfield' out of Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey. We have a Marine Corps KC-130 en route to the area to provide aerial refuelling, callsign Texaco.

Overlord is already on station 60 NM to the west of Bulls-eye on 124MHz AM and will provide any additional tasking if required.

Rules of engagement are clear, there is to be absolutely no engagement of Abkhazian forces under any circumstances. If you come under fire, inform Overlord and depart the area immediately.
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