F5 NavLog and Mission Briefing Card

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F-5E Tiger
F5 NavLog and Mission Briefing Card

F5 NavLog and Mission Briefing Card

Typ - Dokument
Autor - tom_19d
Datum - 14.01.2017 02:44
A printable 5.5 x 8 inch (half letter) briefing/navlog

Thank you for your interest in my navigation/briefing card for the F5.  Please note, these cards are very much in a beta state, particularly the navigation log. It has been many many years since I had to use such a document and I am still trying to decide exactly what fields I want to include or not include and changes are inevitable.  However, for use in planning and executing missions where no map views or external views are available, it is my belief every field you could need to get to the target and back is included.

The PDF is meant to be printed on a letter sized (8.5x11) sheet.  The log has a large margin on the top of the front page and a large margin at the bottom of the back page; this allows the log to be printed on a letter sized sheet and cut in half.  Then, when placed on a kneeboard that flips at the top, the document is easily readable front and back.

Distribute the document as you wish, but please do not release edited version without author permission.
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