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Ka-50 BlackShark Interactive Shutdown Trainer Tester

Autor - Sabre-TLA
Datum - 10.08.2012 16:46:52
Single Mission where an Instructor Pilot (IP) calls out Shutdown Checklist items and you have 10 seconds to locate the item to score. If you miss an item the IP will highlight it for you but it will cost you in scoring.

Welcome to the interactive Shutdown Trainer - Tester for the Ka-50 Black Shark.

The Instructor Pilot (IP) will call out Shutdown Checklist items and you will have to locate and enable the item within 10 seconds.

If you fail, the IP will highlight the item.  Once you enable the item the checklist callout will continue.

For every item missed your score will be deducted.

Items that are already in a shutdown condition will be called out but not highlighted and no score reductions will occur.

If you damage the aircraft or die you will not score.

To see your final score, press the single quote key ' at the end of the mission.  You score will be displayed in the "Results" field.

Configure your HOTAS for an in-air start.  You will need to land before starting the shutdown checklist.

Good luck.


The download includes the Ka-50 Amplified checklist pdf in A5 format.

You will need to install a license and purchase a mission key to install this mission.  

This package is no longer for sale.

Updated to support the new \aircraft directory in DCS World

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