DCS Combined Amrs 联合武力中文用戶手册

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DCS Combined Amrs 联合武力中文用戶手册

DCS Combined Amrs 联合武力中文用戶手册

Typ - Dokument
Autor - carraro0127
Datum - 16.07.2012 07:34
Chinese translation version  of the DCS Combined Arms Manual by ChinaVirtualPilot Flightsim Group

Our team hopes to provide a highly consistency with Orinigal Combined Arms Manual  in order to to reading for all Chinese ...and we also do our best to do this work.(all free download)

ChinaVirtualPilot DCS A-10C Server: China Virtual Pilot  DCS (DCSW)  Server

ChinaVirtualPilot flight team Forum: http://a10c.dyndns.info/bbs/

ChinaVirtualPilot ts3 server: twflsima10c.no-ip.org
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