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M2000_X-52(pro or nopro)_Trackir

Autor - DaDaFly
Datum - 21.03.2016 19:08:01
Here is my M2KC (by razbam) profile made for the X-52, but should also work on the X-52pro (since the MFD buttons aren't used).
If you do not have trackir or similar, you can easily add by yourself the command for POV_1.
Feel free to comment if you find any error :)

How to use it:
1. Load the "pinkie activator.pr0" on your X-52(pro).
2. Open DCS -> Option -> Controls -> Add Modifiers -> Select joystick -> Press Pinkie : "Button 6" should appear. Confirm.

3. In the Control tab, select the M2000 -> Select X-52 column -> Load profile -> browse for my "X-52M2000 joystick.diff.lua" -> Load it.

4. Have Fun
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