Mustang Teeth

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P-51D Mustang
Mustang Teeth

Mustang Teeth

Typ - Anstrich
Autor - Nascar88
Datum - 25.12.2014 18:06:46
P-51D Skin Pack
Four Liveries with unique numbers

Four color schemes:
Teeth Blue
Teeth BNB (Black and Blue)
Teeth BNR (Red and Black)
Teeth BNY (Yellow and Black)

Drop in DCS World/Bazar/Liveries/P-51D

New pilot patches

To change patches edit description.lua with Notepad++

line 83 {"pilot_P51_patch", 0 ,"editwithpatchname",false};

Credit to P-51D/TF-51D Bare Metal Template and Pilot Texture by Whiplash

Reworked to be compatible with DCS World 2.0
Delete prior version before installing
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