Mi-8 Basic Flight Assessment (BFA)

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Mi-8 Basic Flight Assessment (BFA)

Mi-8 Basic Flight Assessment (BFA)

Autor - Hobbnob
Datum - 26.11.2014 08:46
This mission is designed to test your precision and ability to handle the Mi-8. You will be given 3 tests to perform:

Hover Check: Hover the helicopter 3 meters off the ground, and hold it there for 30 seconds. You will be marked on your ability to hold your altitude, heading and position.

Orbit Check: Complete an orbital circuit of a marker at a distance of 0.5km. You will be judged on your precision.

Navigation Check: You will be given a town name, a grid reference and a terrain pattern. Use each one to reach the objectives. You will be judged on your precision.

After each test you'll be given a score and a grade, which will go toward a final A-E grade. Good luck!
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