... as they are designated by the flairs. The mission includes some random triggers to mix it up a little each time it's flown. Including mixing up the target order. Good beginner script. Requires Night Vision with AGM65-F Maverick or Mk-83 or MK-71 Zuni Rockets to destroy your targets, and some CBU99 clusters. MOD for Landing Strip Lights is required. Script uses the FCLP Box Lights from the Navy Equipment mod https://www . digitalcombatsimulator . com/en/files/3303802/ Installs into ...
日期: 09/08/2019
One year after the first Ice Man mission, intel has concluded the confirmation of four replacement factories now going online. They are partially underground to avoid detection. But it is confirmed, they are there. It's time for the Ice Man group to return one more time. The enemy is prepared for an attack this time, so expect a little more of an aggressive air-to-air defense. This time, you will be using rockets to penetrate the tops of the structures and you'll be taking out the SAM units as before...
日期: 07/10/2019
It looks like a sudden strike mission will be necessary to take out four facilities. They are of course being protected by a massive defense of AAA and SAM units and think they are safe. Intel has found a back door. You'll never make it to the target site if you try to fly straight in the front. So you must stay under radar as much as possible and get into the hen house through the only opening, like a fox. Once into the target area, you will use rockets on low altitude runs, weaving around the...
日期: 05/13/2019
Gun dispersion has been altered. M39 cannons are now more accurate. This mod will also add the AIM-9L Sidewinder and Zuni rockets to the F-5E. Ready for JSGME or similar software. Will not pass integrity check when playing online. Mod English DCS: World F-5E Tiger Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 1054
日期: 02/04/2018

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