Prevent World War III - Bunker Attack - Version 1.03 As the last survivor for your country you are in a critical position to alter the course of history. In the dead winter you are tasked with one goal to destroy the enemy HQ that is coordinating a massive preemptive strike against your country. This is an advanced mission for the A-10C Warthog, though I added in a few other planes as options as well. You must destroy a heavily AA defended bunker in order to win. You should expect heavy AA resistance...
日期: 01/17/2019
Missile range and flight charactersitics mod to get more 'BVR' with 'BVR-weapons'. V0.1 only some NATO air-to-air Missiles EARLY ACCESS VERSION! Hi to y'all! Since the vanilla missilies in DCS seem to have a lack in Performance (especially in Range), i did a little mod to 'correct' these problems. For the first version of the mod i will only include the NATO ...
日期: 07/11/2018
... whole new era, more balanced! More advanced! And most of all more fun on the weapon choice you get to pick, List of the Aircrafts that has been modified with this mod: F-15C, Su-27, Su-33, MiG-29S, A-10A, Mirage-2000C List of armament and missiles that has been added to to the aircrafts: Aim-9x, Aim-54 Phoenix, R-33, R-37, Aim-120B, Aim-120C, Matra Magic II missiles with an active A-G mode for the F-15C, including un-guided rockets and bombs. And of course two separate modpacks, ...
日期: 07/19/2017
... has just told me to go get the f5s that are heading for the front lines. I think I should keep to the sea or the hills to avoid any AAA or SAMS. Also, I shouldn't get any further east as there is the BlueFor base which will certainly have some large missiles. From what we know, the f5s will be carrying only heat seekers. I should use the longer ranged radar guided missiles to my advantage in this situation. Single mission English MiG-21bis Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute ...
日期: 07/03/2016
A collection of all of my documents for DCS Black Shark, updated for v1.0.2 and combined into one download. 1. ADF Channels 2. Weapon Types 3. Start-Up Guide 4. TM Warthog Control Profile 5. ENB Mod Profile for realistic lighting (Updated 28.08) Document Any language DCS: Black Shark 1.0.2 Ka-50 Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 08/28/2011 08:43:09 4857
日期: 08/22/2011
A collection of all of my documents for DCS A-10C, updated for v1.1.0.9 and combined into one download. 1. RWR Threat guide 2. Airfield Guide 3. Weapon Types 4. Start-Up Guide 5. TM Warthog Controls 6. Mission Data Card 7. Cut-Out Quick Reference Document Any language A-10C Warthog Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 08/13/2011 08:38:13 15093
日期: 08/07/2011

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