8 Pics included. I'm uploading this high resolution pics based on some friend's request. Screenshot English DCS: World 2.0 P-51D Mustang Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
日期: 10/05/2017
Modern-day Paint & Markings for an Fw-190D-9 in contemporary USAF low-vis grey camo schemes commonly seen on F-15Cs, Includes fully translated markings into English around the entire exterior, and nose art. For no particularly good reason, after I recently picked up Nevada 2.0 Alpha, I thought it would be cool to clean up & polish up a Dora as though it belonged to the 4477th Test & Evaluation Squadron based at Nellis AFB. The entire exterior has been translated into English markings (access panels...
日期: 05/31/2016

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