Afghanistan liveries pack for the Mi-8, includes: Afghanistan standard, exact colours, dynamic registration (original registration 792) Afghanistan Tajik Squadron 1980, dynamic registration (original registration 15) Afghanistan 1988, dynamic registration ...
日期: 02/18/2018
One skin for DCS: Mi-8MTV2. Mi-17 CIA/Contractor skin. Mi-8MTV2 78
日期: 03/01/2015 - Inspired by early 2000's and contemporary Afghanistan conflict - A mission striving for pure realism with regards to tasking and loadout. - Mountain Combat - Completely randomized tasking. - Modular design allowing for more tasking in future versions. - 283 triggers, 171 custom voice recordings,...
日期: 05/23/2012
Soviet–Afghan War Separate 262nd Bagram helicopter squadron livery for the MI-8 These MI-8's were stationed in Bagram, Afghanistan during the Soviet Afghan War. In January 1989 it has 34 White stars (one star = 50 combat sorties) It has the squadron insignia 'Spades Dragon' painted on the right armour plate.<br /> <br /> Installation:<br /> <br ...
日期: 01/21/2019
Mi-17 Afghan AF. One skin for DCS Mi-8MTV2. This was done as an alternative to the defaul Afghan AF skin and could add realism if used with the default Afghan skin. Enjoy and thanks for downloading. NUCK Mi-8MTV2 86
日期: 03/01/2015

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