Ignoring political pressure from the remainder of the World's powers, Russia has been ramping up their T-55 production line in order to fill purchase orders from North Korea.  If N. Korea gets their hand on these tanks, South Korea will fall. Intel reports show that the stockpile of T-55's are due to ship this morning via railway.  There is a rail station in Mozdok just 4 miles NW of the T-55 factory, which is pretty much a small town of its own.   (Intended for a large MP group, at least 2-3...
日期: 05/13/2020
This is the 3rd mission in the series. It's primarily an AV8 mission, but includes slots for F18s for CAP and A10s for CAS. Supports 1-8 players. <br /> <br /> AV8s conduct SEAD for an A10 CAS package attacking armor in downtown Las Vegas. F18s provide CAP.<br /> <br /> If you are looking for a dedicated and seriously fun AV8 squadron, check out www.vvma-231.com BRIEFING:<br /> Thanks to the tireless efforts of VMA 231 we have secured the city of Boulder, and...
日期: 01/22/2019
NTTR Multiplayer Mission, first in a series. Supports 1-10 players. It's 2 simultaneous missions that can be played separately, see briefing. There is an F10 radio option to kill the SAMs at Boulder if you don't feel like conducting SEAD. Mission may show that it needs the VPC objects MOD, but it does not, and will run without any mods installed. F18 is also supported in the CAP role.<br /> <br /> I appreciate all feedback! VMA 231 has been tasked with supporting the assault & capture...
日期: 01/22/2019
A training mission based on triggers, easy, medium and hard zones for SEAD CAS and CAP. Start you engines and when you feel rdy go to "\,F10" and select your zone off interest. Multiplayer mission English Any version Other Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution 1292
日期: 04/10/2015

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