VFA-154 CAG 2005 install : .......Bazar/Liveries/VSN_FA18F Skin English DCS: World 2.5 Other Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
日期: 04/27/2020
Just a simple skin for the Yak 52 depicting a Yak-18A of the UARAF (Syrian air force) I wanted to make a nice skin for the Yak-52, that would be adapted to the desertic environnement of the Persian Gulf map. Unfortunately no arab country as ever been operating the Yak-52 but I found out that the United ...
日期: 12/16/2018
F/A-18C from the VFA-131 (2003) Hello, This is my first skin, it was requested by my brother who have the plane in scale model. This is the skin of the squadron leader of the VFA-131 of 2003. for installation simply copy the file from the .rar to ...
日期: 10/26/2014
Semi Historical skin depicting a Yak-18A of Aeroflot's flight school en the mid 70's. Skin Any language DCS: World 2.5 Yak-52 Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute 196
日期: 09/06/2019

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